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At Metta Lifestyles, we are proud to offer retirement communities that bring out the best in our residents. Our respectful, dedicated staff works tirelessly to create an environment that lets every resident stand out and appreciate their individuality. 

Our Lifestyles and Wellness teams work together to create a schedule for various activities designed with our four focuses in mind, compassion, dignity, security and respect. Activities take place throughout the day in various areas of the home to suit everyone's needs. 


Games & Activities

You can always find various board games available throughout our homes and a resident or team member ready to play! We encourage residents to put their minds to work by pulling out a chessboard or even grabbing a deck of cards!

Innovative Therapies

Metta Lifestyles provides activities that are fun, exciting and creative. We are firm believers in innovative therapies backed by research. Many of our residents do not realize they are participating in a therapeutic activity because they are fun activities that they find enjoyable. 

Montessori Care

Montessori is beneficial for patients with Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia. The goal is to engage the senses to help seniors rediscover the world around them. We are using methods within these activities and programs to reconnect with residents who may seem unreachable. This care method benefits our residents by increasing motor skills, stimulation of senses, increasing socialization, increasing self-esteem, and reducing depression. To learn more about Montessori Care and its benefits, visit Dementia Support

Nurse helping Elderly woman make a puzzle
Someone Painting a Picture

Art Therapy

Recent research has linked art therapy to positive benefits in both physical and mental health for seniors. Although this form of therapy does not work with everyone, it is great for seniors suffering from trauma, cognitive impairments, physical limitations and those with mental illnesses like depression. A clinical trial conducted by the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts studied the effects of art on seniors. They found an increased sense of well-being after each workshop and a gradual improvement of quality of life throughout all sessions. Other notable benefits included reducing stress, increasing cognitive function, decreasing frailty, and providing seniors with a sense of accomplishment.

Animal Assisted Therapy

Most commonly known as pet therapy, this activity uses pets as a form of companionship. There have been many studies done that show how it can improve social, emotional and cognitive well-being. When used with seniors living with dementia, pet therapy has a positive influence on aggression and anxiety. In seniors with psychiatric diseases, pet therapy increases motivation, self-esteem, and pro-social conduct.

Elerdly Man in a Wheelchair Holding a Dogs Paw

Aquatic Program 

Metta Lifestyles is proud to incorporate aquariums into our homes. Research has been done to reveal the benefits of aquatic therapy and seniors' well-being. We find that many of our residents enjoy looking at the fish. Not only is it a great conversation starter, but the colours, motion and sounds can serve as a form of therapy to relax the residents. Studies have shown that viewing an aquarium can reduce stress and lower diastolic blood pressure in the elderly. Aquarium observers also experience a decrease in pulse rate and muscle tension and an increase in skin temperature.

Horticulture Therapy Program

Our Culinary team at Metta Lifestyles started our gardening program for many reasons; to engage residents who enjoy gardening, bringing fresh produce into our kitchen, and lowering our carbon footprint. Each of our homes has a garden that allows residents to plant beautiful flowers and various vegetables. Gardening offers many physical and mental health benefits for seniors, so we include this as a therapeutic program.

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