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Dining at Metta Lifestyles

Metta Lifestyles offers restaurant-style service and three delicious and healthy meals, snacks and refreshments every day. Our culinary team combines high-quality ingredients with the first-class service to provide a nourishing and enjoyable dining experience.  


Our meals are thoughtfully planned out and designed to provide our residents with various cuisines while adhering to the Canadian Food Guide recommendations. The dietary and care teams will review any dietary restrictions to ensure that all meals meet their nutritional needs.

Basket for fresh produce

Horticulture Therapy Program

Our gardening program was started by our Culinary team at Metta Lifestyles for many reasons, to engage residents who enjoy gardening, to bring fresh produce into our kitchen and to lower our carbon footprint. Each of our homes offers have a garden that allows residents to plant beautiful flowers and various vegetables. Gardening offers many physical and mental health benefits for seniors, so we include this as a therapeutic program.


Metta has made a conscious effort to source and serve locally grown produce from Ontario farmers. Sourcing locally benefits the local economy, and provides our residents with a more nutritious, natural, and delicious dining experience free of preservatives! This initiative also falls under our goal of lowering our carbon footprint. To learn more about why eating local is the way to go, check out this article.

Senior Male Farmer
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