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Visually Impaired Governors Walk Resident is Knitting For A Cause!

Dorothy was born in Ireland in 1925 and has found herself in New Edinburgh, Ottawa. Dorothy has done a lot in her life. Dorothy's inquisitive mind and generous spirit motivate her to develop many ways to benefit less fortunate people. When friends and family heard of this initiative, there was no surprise that Dorothy was spearheading this. A long-time friend of Dorothy's said, "She learned that it could take just one person to make a big difference in the life of others," and that is what she lives by.

As a young girl in Ireland, Dorothy learned to knit by her Aunt Edith in a country home they shared with family outside the town of Kildare. She started by knitting scarves and stockings for herself and realized that knitting things for people made them happy, making her happy. Dorothy began losing her eyesight a few years ago, and she is most devastated by the fact that this will probably end her knitting hobby. This fundraising event means a lot to Dorothy because she realizes that this could be the last time her knitting can give back to others.

Selecting a charity was no small task. She knew that this project would be significant, so with the help of her friends and the Governors Walk staff, they decided on donating the funds to Cornerstone Housing for Women. This charity provides emergency shelter and supportive housing for a diverse group of women. Their services are offered in an environment that promotes dignity and hope and provides professional and spiritual care to these women. With support from this not-for-profit organization, women can transform their lives and have a fresh start. They are committed to public education and advocacy. Cornerstone Housing for Women strives to increase safe, affordable housing and to end homelessness.

Dorothy is calling on all the Metta Lifestyles Families and local communities to help her raise funds to give to Cornerstone Housing for Women. We ask you to please purchase a hat and Scarf, and please spread the word about this fundraiser.

The pricing for the hats and scarves are:

Adult Hat - $20

Adult Scarf - $15

Adult Hat & Scarf - $30

Baby Hat - $15

Baby Hat & Scarf - $25

To purchase any of these items, we will be taking all payments through email transfer. Please email to place your order. Governors Walk will cover all shipping costs with all proceeds to be donated to Cornerstone Housing for Women. We thank you all so much for your support!

If you purchase a hat or Scarf, please tag @mettalifestyles on Facebook or Instagram!

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