Care Services

Providing Quality Care

Metta Lifestyles is dedicated to providing personal and custom care. No resident is the same, and Metta understands that. We have a dedicated Health and Wellness team on staff 24 hours a day to provide comfort and care. Safety is our number one priority, and we want all residents to feel a part of the community when they move into a Metta home! 


As we get older, our type of care changes; we may need more than the average person. Metta Lifestyles has different kinds of care options that we can tailor to your needs!  

Some of our care options include:
Independent Living

When you choose independent Living at Metta Lifestyles, you join a community that prides itself on social engagement, convenience and a secure and safe environment. Independent Living is usually for seniors that do not require personal care services. Through this lifestyle option, you will have access to housekeeping, recreational services, and access to high-quality meals. 


Metta Lifestyles is here to take things off your plate so you can celebrate your life! Socialization within the homes is essential, and with the Health and Wellness team, you have access to activities, entertainment and socialization every day! 

Assisted Living

Our Assisted Living program at Metta Lifestyles offers a little more help to those who may need it. Metta provides a range of options to meet our residents varied and evolving needs. We believe in a flexible approach to care that supports our residents' preferences. We will assess your needs before move-in and then recommend the appropriate care packages that best meet your requirements. 


Metta Lifestyles Assisted Living program includes the basics of housekeeping, recreational services and high-quality meals. What makes this program so unique is that we offer medication management, enhanced care, bathing assistance, feeding assistance and more. Our goal is to ensure that all your needs are met while you are at Metta.  

Metta Memory

While designing our Metta Memory program, we wanted to ensure that comfort, safety, and dignity were top of mind. A person diagnosed with dementia will require much different care than residents at our homes who have chosen other lifestyle options. Our Metta Memory unit is a separate floor that offers unique and secure areas for residents.  

Respite Care (Short-Term Stays)

Choosing a short term stay at any of our Metta Lifestyles homes is a pleasant, comforting experience for both the family and the resident. There are many reasons why you are choosing a short term stay in a Metta home: 


  • Taking a family vacation 

  • Not ready to return home from the hospital quite yet 

  • The caregiver needs a break  


Being a full-time caregiver is not an easy gig; in Canada, there are 3.3 million caregivers. What is important is that you also remember to focus on your mental health and well-being. According to the Canadian Institute of Health Information, nearly half (45%) of dementia patients experience distress. Our trained and caring staff is ready to take on the caregiver's responsibilities while taking your well-deserved rest!  

Committed to Care.

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